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Reconsidering Research on Primates Chronicle of Higher Education

This Fall in the Anthropocene Anthropocene Magazine

Habitecture Anthropocene Magazine

Animal Minds: The New Anthropomorphism Chronicle of Higher Education

Smart Fish, Predator “Control,” Elephant Footsteps & Crane Culture Conservation

Plant Blindness, Humpback Sheriffs, Changing Attitudes & More Conservation

Hidden in New York City, Our Era's Iconic National Park Grist

Mountain Lions, Monkey Tools, Animal Microbiomes and Biodiversity’s Discontents Conservation

Currents, Cormorants and a Message in a Bottle Nautilus

Taking It to the Streets Proto

Even Snakes Have Friends—One More Reason Not to Slaughter Them National Geographic

Why Are So Many Animals Homosexual Nautilus

Beating Zika in the Wild Proto

What Pigeons Teach Us About Love Nautilus

Should Animals Have a Right to Privacy? Backchannel

When Climate Change Blinds Us Aeon

Is the USDA Silencing Scientists? The Atlantic

Bill Gates vs. Global Warming The Atlantic

Meet the Chimps That Lawyers Argue Are People National Geographic

We Are About to Start Mining Hydrothermal Vents on the Ocean Floor Nautilus

Pesticides blamed for bee declines widespread in US waterways The Guardian

Climate Change and Social Inequality

The Hopeful New Ecosystems of Our Warming Planet

How California's drought could spur an ecological rebirth
The Guardian

Chimps and the Zen of Falling Water

Bees feeding on fungicide-dosed flowers develop health issues, studies say
The Guardian

Should Research Monkeys Be Treated Like Chimps?
The Guardian

Obama's $4bn clean-energy initiative: a big number hiding a bigger idea
The Guardian

Chimpanzee Rights Get a Day in Court

Bronze Age Woman Had Surprisingly Modern Life
National Geographic

IBM’s Dr. Watson Will See You...Someday IEEE Spectrum

Cats vs. Conservation: Let Predators Do Their Job Wired

Nature Bites Back

Chimpanzees Take a Huge Step Toward (Some) Human Rights Wired

The Ethics and Ecology of Urban Beekeeping Nautilus

Second Opinion? Ask a Computer Proto













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