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I’m Brandon Keim, a freelance journalist specializing in science, nature and technology (and generalizing in biology, culture, history, environment, sustainability, anthropology, policy, ethics and medicine.) Born and raised in Bangor, Maine, I now float between there and my home in Brooklyn, where I’m perpetually gratified by the ability of life to thrive in unexpected places. Currently I’m working on a book about handwriting and cognition.

Since March 2007 I’ve written for WIRED’s award-winning online science section. My work has also appeared in many other publications, including Adbusters, NOVA, Aeon Magazine, Nautilus, Scientific American Mind, Audubon Magazine, Mother Jones, ABC News, Psychology Today, Stanford Social Innovation Review, Proto, Momentum and Nature Medicine. I’ve made broadcast appearances on NPR’s Science Friday and Here & Now, PRI’s The World and CBC’s As It Happens.

My latest articles can be found at left or in this feed, and some of my favorite stories are here. Shiny objects encountered while reporting are collected in Whalefall. My outside-of-work writing intentions are inevitably greater than my discipline, but sometimes I manage to gather a stray note. Often I can be found meditating with a camera.

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Passenger Pigeon Eggs