Pig Seen Flying Through Snowstorm In Hell by Brandon

My photographs are all in one place, more or less. I'll be posting assorted galleries in coming days, in lieu of having to punch out more words.

Up first: a collection I hadn't even planned to put up, comprised of images shot, scanned, tweaked and tugged from 1999 to roughly 2002. I'm not sure what they mean now; I'm not sure what they meant then. I'm familiar with them, but at a distance, like someone you used to know well but rarely see now. Whether this has a psychological dimension -- who knows. Each brings back a memory, some brighter than others, particularly those taken during the early, wonderful days of a very special relationship. But on the whole they seem a bit dark, and those years had a dark tinge. The last few years have been far better; the resulting images are lighter.

From a technical perspective, it's interesting to see how media limitations peculiar to the time shaped the images. Digital cameras weren't consumer-ready, so I made high-resolution scans of photograph prints and other paper pictures that happened to pass by. The resulting images were detailed but soft, and often required heavy color correction -- a technique that also tends to normalize itself. To hide this, and because it was one of the easier Photoshop tweaks and didn't yet seem passe, I often framed the images on top of each other, then played with the translucency filters.

If it worked or not, I don't know. I'd like to think that to someone other than myself they might convey an echo of a moment. I don't think I could make them again; technology has changed, with new limitations and habits producing a new taste, but more than that I've changed, and don't see the world with those eyes. A few of the old images are beautiful, but I don't think that's a bad thing.