Out the Window / by Brandon

My relationship to lower Manhattan is ambiguous — on the one hand, the villages and lower east side feel like a hipster theme park for art school kids and six-figure bohos; on the other, I still go there, and when entertaining out-of-town visitors am envious of their unencumbered enjoyment of what is usually called "the city." In the end, I suppose what I'd like is for visitors to spare a moment for the rest of the city — the worn-down, kaleidoscopic, bleak, optimistic melting pot.

Above is a slide show of stills from an out-the-window video taken during a car ride from JFK to my apartment at the gentrifying edge of Bed-Stuy. The cropped-but-sequential slideshow is here. Music on the video is "Under the Water it Glowed," by Eluvium .

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