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Spring Birds & Photography

Of late I’ve felt ambivalent about my own photography. As Juhani Pallasmaa wrote in The Eyes of the Skin, we’ve elevated sight above the other senses; we regard the world — see the world, in that telling metaphor for understanding — in a disproportionately visual way, diminishing our other senses and the fullness of lived experience.

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That’s all.

Thoughts on Taxidermy, Fashion & Bighorn Sheep

Seen on the G train: A bookish young hipster bringing home the taxidermied head of a bighorn ram. Continue reading

Snow Cream! Recipe

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Gold Road

The sun sets early in winter, but while it’s high the light is so, so glorious. Continue reading

Fall Birds

Yellow-Rumped Warbler

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Overheard Wisdom

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Passenger Pigeon Eggs