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Overheard Wisdom

From a conversation between two old acquaintances seeing one another at a restaurant. Continue reading

Rest on the Flight to Egypt

In this tender scene, the Holy Family is shown resting in their flight to escape Herod, the ruler of Galilee. Joseph had been warned in a dream that Herod was searching for the Christ child to kill him.
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Rest In Peace, Audrey Santo

Last weekend I learned that Audrey Santo is dead.

Santo, who at age three fell into a swimming pool and spent the final eleven years of her life in a comalike state known as akinetic mutism, was believed by many to be a victim soul, chosen by the Virgin Mary to take upon herself the sufferings of others. Thousands of people made pilgrimages to her mother’s Worcester, Massachusetts home; Audrey’s presence, they said, caused oil to flow from statues of Jesus and Mary, and after visiting her many claimed to have been healed. Continue reading