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September 11, Fall Migration and Occupy Wall Street

On my way to Ground Zero on the tenth anniversary of September 11, 2001, I stopped for a slice a pizza and to clear my head. The previous week had been a somber one; every anniversary recalls the past, but some make you reflect on what’s happened since, and a cloud hung over the intervening years. The nation felt like a different, far darker place than before that fateful morning. Continue reading

Why the WikiLeaks Address Won’t Be Found Here

In calling on citizens to Tweet the digital address of WikiLeaks, civil liberties activist John Perry Barlow was right to declare that an infowar is on, and online citizens its soldiers. But the WikiLeaks army is not one I will join. Continue reading

Democracy for Sale

For anyone who believes that all people are created equal and entitled to a government of, by and for them, it is a dark moment. The Supreme Court’s elimination of limits on corporate political speech guarantees that democratic power will now be directly sold to the highest bidders. Continue reading

Objectivity, Partisanship, Journalism, Obama

As a science journalist who often covers politics, I feel obligated to disclose that I volunteered last weekend in Cleveland, Ohio for the campaign to elect Barack Obama. Continue reading

Uncapitalized Thoughts on Democracy

Update: Aw, screw it. I’m tired of feeling cynical and (relatively) disenfranchised. This post suspended until further notice. Continue reading

Not All Defeats Are Created Equal

The scorn heaped upon Hillary Clinton for continuing to campaign despite the near-impossibility of victory is, I suspect, related to the nature of her constituency and of the people criticizing her. Continue reading