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Bumblebees in Autumn

Early in autumn and late in the afternoon, when grasses and flowers gone to seed glow under a strong low sun, bumblebees gather on goldenrods and aster. Continue reading


That’s all.

Gold Road

The sun sets early in winter, but while it’s high the light is so, so glorious. Continue reading

Autumn, Trees

Of all the insights contained in the genomes of these trees, the feel of a fall day is not among them. Continue reading

Quiet Places

Continue reading

Atlantic Ocean

Sangatte, Low Tide 1

Atlantic Ocean sensations: A high, clear astringency; golden-toned and defiant; bunchgrass perseverance, slate, the mercy of wind and sand. Continue reading

Jamaica Bay Snapshots

Images from the great, terrible, destroyed, verdant urban wilderness of Jamaica Bay. Continue reading