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Alton Bog

Alton Bog

At the bottom of Alton Bog is an ancient silt seabed; atop that, ten thousand years of vegetal remains, raising the bog’s center above the surrounding wetlands. The soil is acidic, infertile, hypoxic; plants receive only what nourishment falls from the sky, and trees standing a few feet tall can be hundreds of years old.

Of no interest to loggers or developers, the bog has remained largely undisturbed since the last ice age. As with all old growth, that continuity manifests itself in a sense of peace.

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Alton Bog

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I live near the everglades and this reminds me of certain areas therein. A particular type of tree removes water from the surrounding area and permits developers to have access to land that is left behind. It is good for man but we better be careful that we don’t take too much or alter our natural surroundings since we don’t fully appreciate the possible side effects. It is good to see however that nature can keep things going in such a harsh environment. e=mc2 or e=mc2 definition

mike strauss / July 21st, 2011, 6:47 am

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